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March 18, 2004



Is it chargeable? And more specifically is it worthy?


There are even some services now that allow you to schedule a call to your mobile phone in the middle of your date. If you want to bail say it's an emergency and you're out of the date.

Andrew Scott

A system utilising six degrees of seperation on mobile phones is already up and running in the UK , although the user retains control over when and where matches can take place.
www.playtxt.net currently uses location information from the postcode sent from the user, or a keyword for a specific event or venue, but the core messaging engine developed by the company (named Angelia after the Greek goddess of messaging) will utilise triangulation data or any other locational data if required.
Users get matched based on mutual friends in the area, and preferences which can be further tweaked on the comprehensive online offering that accompanies the service.
Users interact on their mobiles via a crossnetwork short code (88500) using text messages (SMS), so all phones are compatible. The service also supports picture messaging (MMS).
They hope to expand into the USA soon.

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