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April 08, 2004


Dimension India -  CAD / GIS service provider co.

It seems...it would be a nice experience.

Robert Bush

Microsoft has quietly expanded its Microsoft Developer Network with a Web site that combines a host of social networking technologies in a move to improve communications with outside software developers.

The Web site, called Channel 9, uses Web logs, Mob logs, wikis and forums as well as other technologies to reach out to developers. The site was created by a group of five engineers and technology evangelists at Microsoft and named after the in-flight audio channel that allows passengers on United Airlines to listen in on cockpit communications.

Michael Heraghty

Ahhh ... I've figured it out (I think). I'm using Google's autofill tool (on the toolbar). For some reason, it's confusing the "name" section with "phone number" on your old site, so my phone number was getting automatically entered into the name field.

Anyway, ignore or delete all of these comments :)

Michael Heraghty

Nope... guess not ... had a scary experience when I saw it happen a minute ago though, when I posted a comment on your old site:

How did you find my mobile number automatically? What if I didn't want to reveal my phone number (I don't mind actually, but the question is valid)?

Michael Heraghty

Just checking to see if my name auto-converts into my mobile phone number, as it did in my previous comment.

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