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March 20, 2004


Hans Henrik


How do you define a Corporate Blog? It’s not about us as a blogging community is it? As I see it it’s more about convincing companies to use weblogs as part of there overall business processes - not only Communications, Marketing and PR, but also R&D and HR – or what?

Is there any examples besides HP, Xerox and Microsoft doing so? Any numbers for that? Any examples connecting corporate strategy with corporate blogging?

How many bloggers from the so called corporate blogging community is in fact in a mission from management. How many is in fact skunkworkers – just doing what the are obliged to do?

Is there any evidence that companies at their last boardmeeting in fact decided that their R&D department now should be outsourced to a network of best of breed independent engineers, loosly connected via a weblog.

Please tell me :-)

Best Regards
Hans Henrik H. Heming

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What Crown Publishing does is indeed interesting. In fact, some bloggers are already further down the road. Look at http://www.apennyfor.com/bbbttour2.html . Now, if editors of publishing houses are truly smart, they won't look at bloggers as reviewers only but they 'll identify new authors among bloggers. This is almost a free lunch waiting for them! This is what we teach to publishers at Cyberlibris ( www.cyberlibris.com). The future of books and blogs is intertwined!

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